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07/2023 open music - AT

The ULYSSES network supports several emerging European ensembles, programming concerts where a new repertoire is promoted, thanks to commissions and reruns. The Schallfeld Ensemble is an international ensemble for contemporary music based in Graz. The group sparks the interest of its audience by its vivid virtuosity and refined chamber music sound, paired with interpretations that pay special attention to concert format, creating events that adapt to the specific venue while aiming for a new dimension of listening.

On 23 July 2023, Schallfeld is invited to perform at ULYSSES associate partner open music. On the occasion of his 80th birthday, open music pays homage to Brian Ferneyhough, and welcomes Francesco Filidei and Francesca Verunelli, who are tutoring at the impuls Academy for the first time. There are also new works: the Austrian premiere of an Ulysses Network commission to Elena Rykova and a new composition by Dmitri Kourliandksi, created especially for Ensemble Schallfeld to be premiered at impuls 2023.

The common thread of this program is the inspiration from extra-musical elements: Whether it is a historical painting (as in “La Chute d’Icare”), or the illusion of movement created by static images (as in “Cinemaolio”), a poem by Eduardo Sanguineti (in the case of “Finito Ogni Gesto”), or places — lonely inner places in the case of Rykova, or quite real and quite crowded ones in the case of Kourliandski. Through ekphrasis or synesthesia, the music always seems to act as a metaphorical space. Therefore, the score itself lends itself to becoming an abstract place that can be (re)written, measured, or “inhabited”. Check open music‘s website for more information.

In addition to performing at open music, members of the Schallfeld Ensemble join the impuls Academy as tutors, as has been the case since 2021. This is the case for the Special Program Performing augmented reality / Call for new solo Electronic Music, as well as Questions around Electroacoustic and Electronic Works. One-to-one meeting with composer, performer, electronic musician, sound director and Schallfeld member Davide Gagliardi. More information can be found here.


Brian Ferneyhough, La Chute d’Icare, for mixed Ensemble (1988)

Dmitri Kourliandski, Banlieu (2023, world premiere)

Francesco Filidei, Finito Ogni Gesto, for flute, clarinet, horn, percussion, violin and cello (2010)

Elena Rykova, In the Presence of Absence, for clarinet, accordion, piano, violin, cello, amplification and electronics (2022, ULYSSES co-commission by IEMA and Mixtur, Austrian premiere)

Francesca Verunelli, Cinemaolio, for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola and cello (2014)

Schallfeld Ensemble

Elisa Azzarà flutes | Szilárd Benes clarinet (*Ferneyhough) | Péter Szűcs clarinets | Helene Kenyeri oboe | Petrean Radu horn | Mirko Jevtović accordion | Manuel Alcaraz Clemente percussion | Patrick Skrilecz piano | Lorenzo Derinni violin | Paolo Fumagalli viola | Myriam García Fidalgo cello | František Výrostko double bass

Davide Gagliardi sound design, live-electronics

Leonhard Garms conductor


Date and place: 23 July 2023, 20.00 at MUMUTH, Graz

Schallfed Ensemble. Photo: Maria Frodl



Organized in partnership with :
impuls - AT, Ircam - FR, Mixtur - ES, open music - AT, Warsaw Autumn - PL