ULYSSES Journeys

Ulysses journeys for composers – impuls

08/2021 impuls – AT

For each edition, impuls hosts young promising composers, performers, and conductors in the framework of the ULYSSES Journeys and actively involve them both in the impuls Academy and its Festival.

In 2021 4 young composers are expected to join:

Georgia Koumará,

Esther Wu,

Itziar Viloria,

Tuomas Kettunen.

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For composers, the impuls Academy offers a variety of different programs, from individual lessons and several meetings with composition tutors (to be chosen amongst approximately 15 tutors per edition), group lectures, discussions and jours fixes for composers, meetings also with instrumental tutors for specific questions on instruments, notation, etc., general exchange up to various concrete cooperation possibilities with musicians and ensembles on spot (including programs for co-operative development of new pieces, reading-sessions of already existing ones, partly leading to public performances), as well as active participation in special programs such as specific electronic workshops, various calls for scores, and specific 11-day-intensive-programs such as “Performative Music . Body as instrument – instrument as Body”, “Collaboratory”, “Machine Learning” amongst others.

The summer edition of impuls 2021 for example allows Itziar Viloria to develop and rehearse a new piece with Samuel Toro Pérez, guitarist of the Black Page Orchestra. Szilárd Benes, clarinetist of Ensemble Schallfeld, on his side closely cooperates with Tuomas Kettunen.





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Young ensembles: Schallfeld

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