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01/2024 open music - AT

The ULYSSES network supports several emerging European ensembles, programming concerts where a new repertoire is promoted, thanks to commissions and reruns. The Schallfeld Ensemble is an international ensemble for contemporary music based in Graz. The group sparks the interest of its audience by its vivid virtuosity and refined chamber music sound, paired with interpretations that pay special attention to concert format, creating events that adapt to the specific venue while aiming for a new dimension of listening.

On 25 January 2024, Schallfeld Ensemble is invited to perform at open music, a Graz based concert series for contemporary music, associate partner of the Ulysses Network.

This programme focuses on the work of Pierre Jodlowski and invites the composer, performer and multimedia artist to Graz for the realisation of several of his compositions, with visual and staged components, as well as an improvisational First Night with Gerald Preinfalk and Martin Brandlmayr the following day.

On the first evening, the fantastic Schallfeld Ensemble will get the chance to actively work, extensively rehearse and finally perform together with Pierre Jodlowski as well as Klangforum member Mikael Rudolfsson in their ensemble line-up.

Date and place: January 25, 2024 at Theater am Lend, Wienerstraße 58a, 8020 Graz


Focus on Pierre Jodlowksi I

Pierre Jodlowski: Outer Space, for trombone, electronics, video, lights (2018)

Pierre Jodlowksi: Time & Money, for percussion, video, electronics (2006)

Pierre Jodlowski: Criogenesis, for cello, text (2007)

Pierre Jodlowski: People / Time, for 5 musicians, video, electronics (2003)


Schallfeld Ensemble

Szilárd Benes clarinet

Manuel Alcaraz Clemente percussion

Lorenzo Derinni violin

Myriam García Fidalgo cello

Leonhard Garms conductor

Davide Gagliardi video, live-electronics, sound design

Patrick Skrilecz keys

+ Mikael Rudolfsson, trombone

+ Pierre Jodlowski, electronics, video, lights

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Schallfeld Ensemble

Photo: Maria Frodl

Pierre Jodlowski_fot_Lukasz_Rajchert

Photo: Lukasz Rajchert

Organized in partnership with :
Divertimento Ensemble - IT, Gaudeamus - NL, impuls - AT, Ircam - FR, Mixtur - ES, Time of Music - FI, Warsaw Autumn - PL
Schallfeld Ensemble