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01/2024 Ircam – FR

Percussionists from the BL!NDMAN collective [drums]: Yves Goemaere, Hannes Nieuwlaet, Ward Deketelaere, Gideon Van Canneyt

Teaching team: Martin Matalon (composer), Eric Sleichim (BL!NDMAN artistic director), Serge Lemouton & João Svidzinski (IRCAM computer music designers)

Videoconference meetings between December 2023 and April 2024
Online preparatory sessions on Thursday 22 and Wednesday 28 February
ManiFeste Academy Workshop: Monday June 10 to Friday June 21, 2024 at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS

An inspired synthesis of instrumental music and the multiple possibilities of electronics, mixed music for solo percussionist and electronics offers a flexible, yet powerful profusion of sound. On one side, we have the rich palette of the soloist, with their dramatic presence on stage, their virtuosity, their rich sounds, their experience, their charisma… on the other, all the extensions of sound, timbre, space and time, as well as the possibility of superimposing several sound planes that electronics make possible.

Composer Martin Matalon and the BL!NDMAN [drums] collective are offering six young composers a cinema-concert workshop, in which they will create original scores for silent comedy films. Several composers will be able to share the musical setting of the same medium-length film. Others may propose different compositions for the same short film.

This Collaboratory workshop will also welcome one ULYSSES-endorsed composer (tbc) on his or her ULYSSES Journey.


Stage 1 – December 2023 – April 2024: Online masterclasses with Martin Matalon

Stage 2 – Thursday 22 and Wednesday 28 February, 2024: Online preparatory work session

Stage 3 – March, April, May 2024 – Composition

Stage 4 – June 10 to 21, 2024 – Workshop at CENTQUATRE-PARIS

The workshop leads to a public performance on Friday June 21, 2024, 7pm & 9pm at the CENTQUATRE-PARIS.


More information on IRCAM’s website

Blindman collective / Photo: Guy Kokken

Blindman collective / Photo: Guy Kokken

Organized in partnership with :
Divertimento Ensemble - IT, impuls - AT, Royaumont foundation - FR, Time of Music - FI
Blindman collective / Photo: Guy Kokken