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Young Ensembles: Schallfeld – impuls

08/2021 impuls – AT

Young Ensemble in Residency: Schallfeld

Schallfeld is one of the ensembles benefitting from the Young Ensembles program of the ULYSSES Network. The members of the ensemble are taking the position of junior-tutors at impuls 2021, offering workshops for young composers, and profiting themselves from the support of senior academy tutors on site.

The ensemble members have the chance to connect with young composers through a call for scores, reading/feedback-sessions, and partly more intense rehearsals, leading to performances of selected pieces as well as other works as typical for their own repertoire and profiles.

Ensemble Schallfeld is featured with two concerts in August 2021, working closely with Pierluigi Billone, one of the academy´s composition tutors, for a brand new piece to be premiered (Austrian premiere) at the impuls Festival.

Additionally, the ensemble participates in several presentations of their workshops, such as „Instruments + Voices“ for example, and Leonard Garms, the conductor of Ensemble Schallfeld, also gives a „First View. A Conductor´s Feedback on Scores“ for young composers present.


Ensemble Concert 1:

17.8.2021, 20.00, KUG . TIP . Leonhardstraße 15, 8010 Graz, Austria

Pierluigi Billone MAAT ME, for solo percussion and ensemble (commissioned by Schallfeld Ensemble, funded by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung, 2020, Austrian premiere)

Alberto Posadas Nebmaat (2003)

Franck Bedrossian It (2004-rev.2007)


Ensemble Concert 2:

26.8.2021, 20.00, KUG . TIP . Leonhardstraße 15, 8010 Graz, Austria

Giorgio Netti due lune più in là (2000/2001)

José Luis Perdigón ill use I (2020, world premiere)

Reuben Jelleyman Klein Fountain (2020, Austrian premiere)

Dilay Doğanay Mnemic (2020, world premiere)

Clara Iannotta d´après (2012)


Special Programs with Schallfeld Ensemble
at impuls academy and festival (16.- 27.8.2021)

Ensemble Schallfeld . Call for Scores + Reading Sessions + Feedback

Ensemble Schallfeld . Manuel Alcaraz Clemente . Sound Session with Percussion

Ensemble Schallfeld . Szilárd Benes . (Bass-)Clarinet: Demonstration-Workshop and Call

Ensemble Schallfeld. Elisa Azzarà and Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka . Instruments + Voices . Call + Workshop

Workshop presentation with Szilárd Benes: On Clarinet

21.8.2021, 19.30, KUG . Palais Meran, Florentinersaal, Leonhardstraße 15, 8010 Graz

Szilárd Benes (bass-)clarinet

Leonhard Garms | Igor Gross bass drums

Hugo Vasco Reis electronics

Magnus Lindberg Ablauf (dedicated to Kari Kriikku, 1983-1988), for clarinet and two bass drums
Alexey Sioumak CL.AIR (1999)
Pascal Dusapin IF (1984)
Matteo Tundo Consumate stille (2021, world premiere)
Hugo Vasco Reis DIMENSIONS I (2019, Austrian premiere)
Jieun Jeong überschwappen (2020/21, Austrian premiere)
Manuel Zwerger IN AND OUT AND OUT (2019)
Uroš Rojko Monologue of a Fallen Angel (2006-2013)


Workshoppresentation with Elisa Azzarà and Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka . Instruments + Voices

23.8.2021, 11.00, KUG . Palais Meran, Florentinersaal, Leonhardstraße 15, 8010 Graz

Elisa Azzarà flutes, voice

Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka double bass, voice

Miniatures and works by Yuval Adler | Marco Benetti | Xue Han | Jieun Jeong | Leonardo Mezzalira (Call for Score Pieces by impuls participants 2021)


© Schallfeld


Ensemble Schallfeld

Manuel Alcaraz Clemente solo percussion

Elisa Azzarà flute

Szilárd Benes clarinet

Johannes Feuchter clarinet

Álvaro Collao León saxophone

Diego García Pliego saxophone

Stefan Obmann trombone

Hannes Schöggl percussion

Maria Flavia Cerrato piano

Francesca Piccioni viola

Petra Horvat saxophone

Mirko Jevtović accordion

Lorenzo Derinni violin

Francesca Piccioni viola

Myriam García Fidalgo cello

Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka double bass

Leonhard Garms conductor



Organized in partnership with :
Ircam - FR, Mixtur - ES, Warsaw Autumn - PL