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ULYSSES Journeys for performers – Ultima

09/2021 Ultima - NO

DUO IV – Extended Territories
ULYSSES Journeys for Performers @ Ultima Festival 2021

Anna Jalving has been chosen as Ultima´s ULYSSES Performer 2021 with her work DUO IV – Extended Territories.
A public presentation of the work is planned during Ultima Festival 2021 between 16th and 25th September 2021


During these times, being present and just listen seems like taking shelter in a place where we can close everything out and forget about time – for a moment.
DUO IV – Extended Territories explores the concept of the presence of a line by going through the questions:

How slowly can a line fall, how quietly can an instrument play, can you listen into silence, and what world is to be discovered on the brink of inaudibility?

These questions have become the visual concert piece Léger (très léger) presenting a work that celebrates identity, society and explores the importance of communication today, where even the smallest sound has a significant meaning.

DUO IV – Extended Territories is a collaborative work between music, light, and stage performance, exploring the threshold of silence and sound. The performance is exploring the different ways that we are present with sound in the physical, in the mind, and in society.


© Alex Pistorius


Idea and performance by Anna Jalving
Piece by Karl Naegelen in collaboration
Video by Klavs Kehlet