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Replay Cultural Heritage – Ultima Replay and Children’s Day

09/2021 Ultima - NO

The Ultima festival 2021, running from 16th to 25th September in Oslo (NO)  hosts two activities linked to the development of young audiences and the “Replay the Cultural Heritage” program of the ULYSSES Network :

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Ultima Remake
Every year the Ultima festival invites a high school in Oslo to work together on a “Remake” project. A group of high school students (age 16-19) participates in a series of workshops led by an artist/composer/mentor (TBA).

This year Ultima collaborates with students from the “Art, Design & Architecture” – program at the Elvebakken High School.
On the basis of a reference work presented at this year´s festival, the students are engaged to experiment, explore and learn about contemporary music in practical ways. Together with the artist/composer/mentor and teachers at the high school the students get to know the work´s political, social, thematical, and artistic aspects and reflect on the work´s context linked to their own experiences and everyday life. The students then contribute in making their independent interpretation (a remake) of the reference work.

The workshop sessions are organized prior to the festival, and the project results in a public concert, installation, or presentation that is presented during the festival period.  Exact date to be announced soon.




Replay Cultural Heritage at Ultima Children´s Day
Every year Ultima invites a group of school children (age 4-13) to participate in a workshop series, led by an artist/composer/educator (TBA).

On the basis of one pre-chosen relevant reference work, the children are encouraged to experiment, explore and learn about contemporary music in practical ways. Together with the artist/composer/educator, the children contribute to a re-make of this contemporary music work.
As a part of the main program at the Children’s Day, the reference work is performed by professional artists.
Along with the performance of the reference work, Ultima hosts an audience participatory, creative activity led by an art/music educator.
Within this participatory drop-in workshop activity, the children are given the opportunity to engage with the reference work and create their own work(s) on the basis of the reference work.

The workshop sessions take place in the run-up to the Ultima Children’s Day, within the festival period. Exact date to be announced soon.

Organized in partnership with :
Divertimento Ensemble - IT, Gaudeamus - NL, Ircam - FR, Mixtur - ES
What’s on :
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The “In-Situ/City” activity is aimed at putting young artists squarely in the middle of various European social contexts and creating closer relationships with European citizens. The city – with all that it implies from a historical, cultural, political and social perspective – will be the focal point of these activities. ++ This project is to implement a cooperation with the „180° – laboratory for innovative arts“ Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. The idea is to invite local student/young-professional artists from diverse art fields to collaborate with the IEMA-Ensemble, creating an interdisciplinary work inspired by „InSitu/City“ SOFIA. Mentors: Alexandar Hadjiev, Director of the „180° – laboratory for innovative arts“ Festival (Berlin, Sofia). Ljubo Georgiev, architect, city development (Sofia)   Schedule: 18./19 December 2020: Alexandar Hadjiev and Ljubo Georgiev introduce the project to the IEMA-Ensemble in Frankfurt and lead a 2 days workshop with the topic “Interdisciplinary and intercultural performance aspects including introducing already specific characterstics of Sofia“. Late Spring 2021: 2-3 members of IEMA-Ensemble visit Sofia for 3 days or meet 3 local artists and Alexandar Hadjiev online and get insights into the city of Sofia and its different layers. The artists explore not only the typical city center but as well suburban areas and will experience the different dynamics of the town. The artists visit youth clubs and school classes in order to get ideas about what are the local next-generation interests. Meantime: The 2-3 members of IEMA-Ensemble together with the 3 bulgarian artists work on an artistic concept for the main project which is organized 24. – 30. July 2021 during the “180° – laboratory for innovative art Festival” in Sofia. The artists meet regularly via skype calls and online platforms. July 2021: IEMA-Ensemble arrives in Sofia and together with the local artists starts their tryouts/research in diverse locations in Sofia, preparing their performance/installation as event of “180° – laboratory for innovative art” 2021 Festival. August 2021: At least the wish is to „reflect“ the experiences from Sofia in Frankfurt. The form of this presentation will be decided during the research process based on the artistic direction.

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