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08/2021 HfMT – DE

Summer Academy  // akademie kontemporär

Farewell – A Million Ways to Say Goodbye

HfMT Hamburg (DE) , 29 August to 05 September 2021

The akademie kontemporär, scheduled for summer 2021, illuminates the multiple aspects of “Farewell” in the context of a musical-performative project with an interdisciplinary focus.
Young composers and musicians from the fields of contemporary music/multimedia and jazz have the opportunity to work together with lecturers from the field of theater/performance – the Stuttgart-based Herbordt/Mohren – and members of an ensemble for contemporary music – the Berlin ensemble LUX:NM.

The starting point for all artistic exploration is the city of Hamburg, for which – being a port city – the topic of “farewell” naturally has a very special meaning. Based on this, the participants together with their coaches develop various musical-theatrical scenes that deal artistically with the many facets of “Farewell”.
Additionally, the young composers write pieces dealing with that topic, which the members of the ensemble in residence will rehearse together with the participating musicians.

Three young performers selected by the ULYSSES Network participate in the academy in the framework of their ULYSSES Journey:
Nicolo Neri (cello, IT)
Elena Perales (clarinet, ES)

In addition to a final concert at the University of Music and Theater – which due to the pandemic is also offered as a hybrid format with a (live) stream – also smaller concerts and performances in the urban context are planned throughout the project week. The results of the project are made available in short documentary film that can be accessed here.



Organized in partnership with :
Gaudeamus - NL, impuls - AT, Mixtur - ES, Ultima - NO

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