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10/2023 Mixtur - ES

The ULYSSES Network supports young composers with co-commissions. In 2023, the Ukrainian composer Katarina Gryvul is co-commissioned by Gaudeamus festival (Netherlands) and Festival Mixtur (Spain).

Katarina Gryvul

Katarina Gryvul is a composer, sound artist, music producer and violinist. In her work she focuses on variations in timbres, sound structures and mixing the organic with the synthetic. The boundary between authenticity and virtuality; the interplay between digital and analog.

Festival Mixtur 2023 will present Gryvul’s piece Voice, electronics and performance to reflect on the essence of the human being and identity

bukimi no tani

— discomfort or revulsion that people may feel when they encounter an entity that is almost human-like, but not quite human enough.

Our sense of self and identity is deeply connected to our perception of what it means to be human but how do we define and understand the boundaries of humanity, and what are the implications of blurring those boundaries?

– Katarina Gryvul


DATE: October 12, 2023

VENUE: Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC)


Organized in partnership with :
Gaudeamus - NL