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ULYSSES Journeys for Composers – IEMA

04/2023 Gaudeamus – NL , IEMA – DE , impuls – AT

ULYSSES Journeys offer young composers and performers the opportunity to take part in courses,  workshops and residencies, but also to have concrete working experiences, through commissions and concerts.

IEMA (International Ensemble Modern Akademie), impuls (Verein zur Vermittlung zeitgenössischer Musik) and Gaudeamus are offering two young composers the opportunity to work with the IEMA-Ensemble within the ULYSSES Journeys. The Ukrainian composer Adrian Mocanu and the Italian Maria Vincenza Cabizza were selected for 2023. These two composers are undergoing a residency at the IEMA-Ensemble, where they are coached by composers affiliated with Ensemble Modern. They are also welcome at the academies of impuls and Gaudeamus, full of masterclasses, workshops, and seminars.

The three ULYSSES partners co-commission British composer Alex Paxton to write a new piece for the IEMA Ensemble: Scrunchy Touch Sweetly to Fall.

The first part of the project takes place in Frankfurt in April at IEMA, and is about “try-out” and “input” under the guidance of the experienced members of Ensemble Modern. Following the first period in April, the second step includes further rehearsals of the newly written pieces and finally three public concerts, including:

#1 World premieres of pieces written for the IEMA Ensemble at impuls Academy and impuls Festival in Graz (DE) on 27. July 2023, and participation in the academy’s activities.

#2 Two performances on Sept. 8 at Gaudeamus in Utrecht (AT) and participation in other  activities offered by the Gaudeamus Festival.

#3 A third performance in Frankfurt/Main (DE) at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt (HfMDK) on September 19.

The IEMA-Ensemble is a group of master’s students from all over Europe who want to develop themselves further in the performance of contemporary music.  The IEMA-Ensemble 2023 is composed of:

Phoebe Bognar flute
Jeanne Degos oboe
Drew Gilchrist clarinet
Tobias Krieger trumpet
Michael Martinez trombone
Jaroslav Novosyolov piano
Ying Chen Chuang percussion
Miria Sailer violin
Miho Kawai viola
Clara Franz cello
Riverton Alves double bass
Xizi Wang conductor

Note: The IEMA-Ensemble performed at Gaudeamus in 2022 already and is featured this year in various activities at the impuls Academy, including a second concert with the full ensemble on August 1st and concerts and workshops with smaller formations throughout the duration of the Academy (23.7-3.8). See the website of impuls for additional information.

Maria Vincenza Cabizza

Maria Vincenza Cabizza / Photo: Carlos Jhoel Anchante Sànchez

Composer Adrian Mocanu

Adrian Mocanu

Organized in partnership with :
Divertimento Ensemble - IT, Gaudeamus - NL, HfMT- DE, IEMA - DE, impuls - AT, Ircam - FR, Mixtur - ES, Royaumont foundation - FR, Time of Music - FI, Ultima - NO, Warsaw Autumn - PL