Young Ensembles: Black Page Oc

Completely dedicated to the new music – including the “living Classics” of contemporary music and the new generation of composers from all over the world, Music Biennale Zagreb programmes include projects from symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles, experimental musical theatre, contemporary dance, jazz, electronics to alternative music scene.

The 60th anniversary edition of the Music Biennale Zagreb festival will present the pluralistic diversity of today’s male and female composers and call to mind many prominent composers from the second half of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries who left an extraordinary mark on the world of contemporary composing both globally and in Zagreb. Thanks to the technological progress and its application on the creative processes, it is now possible to examine the possibilities available to the composing of the future.

Presenting unconventional approaches to contemporary music, composers and performers at MBZ bring innovation and freshness, uncompromising music of current times by using video, electronics and different technologies in an artistic context.

Innovation in contemporary composing intertwined with technology and multimedia is a strong asset for the Black Page Orchestra. Their program, internationally connecting various partners, such as the Ulysses Platform as co-producers and ÖGZM as program partners, brings an exciting program with commissions from Aart Strotman, Alen and Nenad Sinkauz and Ivana Kuljerić, as well as a well known piece from their repertoire by Mirela Ivičević.

Date and venue TBA.


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