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09/2024 Divertimento Ensemble – IT

ULYSSES Journeys offer young composers, performers and conductors the opportunity to take part in courses,  workshops and residencies, but also to have concrete working experiences, through commissions and concerts.

Divertimento’s Orchestra Conducting Course is dedicated to repertoire for ensemble
from the early 20th Century to the present. Conductor Sandro Gorli leads the course, and the interpreter of Pierrot Lunaire is the renowned performer Alda Caiello. Divertimento Ensemble is the course’s ensemble-in-residence. Conductors benefit from 9 days of lessons, with score analysis, feedback and rehearsals, as well as concerts. After the first day dedicated to score analysis, interpretive directions and any technical conventions in relations with the ensemble, rehearsals are organized as in a normal concert production.

The concerts will be part of the Rondò in Monferrato and Rondò 2024 seasons and will be conducted by different students.

Date: 1 – 9 September 2024, Moncalvo/Piedmont (IT)


Michael Jarrel (1984), Verästelungen (2016)

Beat Furrer (1954), Gaspra (1988)

Arnold Schönberg (1874 – 1951)

Pierrot Lunaire (1912)

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Divertimento Orchestra Conducting Course

Organized in partnership with :
Divertimento Ensemble - IT, Gaudeamus - NL, HfMT- DE, IEMA - DE, impuls - AT, Ircam - FR, Mixtur - ES, Royaumont foundation - FR, Time of Music - FI, Ultima - NO, Warsaw Autumn - PL