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07/2024 Time of Music – FI

Composition course taught by Jesper Nordin

Dates: 2 – 7 July 2024

Location: Viitasaari, Finland

The Composition course

The composer course consists of public lectures and private  student lessons. It is possible to apply for the course with an option to compose a new piece for an unconducted chamber ensemble formation. In 2024, these will be International Ensemble Modern Academy and Decoder ensemble. The pieces may be premiered during the last days of the festival. The exact instrumentation will be notified to accepted applicants.

The age limit for the course is 33 years (born after 1.7.1991). The course is taught in English.

Jesper Nordin 

Jesper Nordin (born in 1971 in Stockholm) is a leading Swedish composer, and one who has garnered considerable international acclaim in recent years. His music, with its powerful emotional impact and traces of traditional Swedish folk music, rock music and improvised music, is broadcast and performed throughout the world.  He is also included in the repertoires of several of the world’s foremost contemporary music ensembles. His iOS apps Gestrument and ScaleGen are used by musicians and amateurs in many different genres and forms the base of the company Reactional Music.

In 2024, composer Monika Szpyrka is selected to take part in this composition course as part of her ULYSSES Journey.

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Monika Szpyrka

Monika Szpyrka

Jesper Nordin Composer course Time of Music
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Jesper Nordin Composer course Time of Music