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06/2024 Ircam – FR

ULYSSES Journeys offer young composers and performers the opportunity to take part in courses, workshops and residencies, but also to have concrete working experiences, through commissions and concerts.

At Manifeste-2024, the workshop “Solo and Amplification” is hosting ULYSSES-endorsed composer Matilda Seppälä as an auditor to the workshop, in the context of her ULYSSES Journey.

This workshop, led by Italian composer Francesca Verunelli (composer), IRCAM computer music designers, with Alain Billard (Ensemble intercontemporain clarinet), Hae-Sun Kang (Ensemble intercontemporain violin), Anthony Millet (accordion), explores amplified sound as a radical transformation of the musical instrument.

Francesca Verunelli invites participants in this workshop to explore, collectively during rehearsals, amplified sound as a radical and fundamental transformation of the musical instrument. Participants will test different types of microphones to discover the sonic identities of their chosen instrument (clarinet, violin, or accordion). The workshop will focus on the decomposition and recomposition of sound, through intensive use of the microphone/diffusion relationship. Composers can also imagine simple signal processing (in the Max/MSP environment) or the broadcasting of a tape that integrates with the instrumental writing. However, economy of these means (DSP in particular) is encouraged.


Video-conference meetings between January and April 2024
ManiFeste Academy Workshop: Monday June 10 to Saturday June 22, 2024 at IRCAM

More information and to apply here

Francesca Verunelli

Francesca Verunelli / Photo DR

Organized in partnership with :
Divertimento Ensemble - IT, Gaudeamus - NL, HfMT- DE, IEMA - DE, impuls - AT, Ircam - FR, Mixtur - ES, Royaumont foundation - FR, Time of Music - FI, Ultima - NO, Warsaw Autumn - PL
Francesca Verunelli