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06/2023 Ircam – FR

Inspired by the classical musicians who travelled throughout Europe to train and expand their practice, the ULYSSES network brings together eleven European institutions to promote and develop the professionalism of young composers.

Through the ULYSSES Ensemble, the ULYSSES network took a major step forward in 2017, directing its efforts towards young performers – while remaining focused on the music of today. A new ensemble of young musicians living in Europe is formed each year and travels through several academies and festivals affiliated with the ULYSSES network.

In 2023, the ULYSSES Ensemble, made up of 8 musicians (1 flute,1 clarinet, 1 trumpet, 1 piano, 1 percussion, 1 violin, 1 viola, 1 cello), travels from June to July from Divertimento to the ManiFeste-2023 Academy and the Royaumont Foundation.


Sunday, June 25 — Sunday, July 2, 2023, Paris (France)
Concert on Saturday, July 1, 2023, Centre Pompidou, Paris (France) – Cancelled due to transport strike
Educational Advisors: 
Lin Liao, conductor, soloists from the Ensemble intercontemporain – with the participation of NN, piano soloist from the Ensemble intercontemporain

Taiwanese, Germany-based, conductor Lin Liao leads a master class for the ULYSSES Ensemble with the complicity of soloists from the Ensemble intercontemporain who advise the young musicians and perform three works with them, including two with electronics elaborate in collaboration with IRCAM computer music designers, Géranomachie by Turkish composer Sofia Avramidou and Assemblage by Chilian composer Roque Rivas.

First day is dedicated to one-on-one work sessions with musicians from the Ensemble intercontemporain. The week culminates with a public concert as part of the festival ManiFeste-2023 (cancelled in 2023 due to riots in Paris; to compensate, audiences were invited to attend the dress rehearsal). The programme includes:

Sofia Avramidou: Géranomachie (2020-2021) for grand ensemble and electronics
Enno Poppe: Speicher I (2009-2010) for ensemble
Roque Rivas: Assemblage (2011-2012) for piano soloist, ensemble and electronics

Read more  about the ULYSSES Ensemble concert at Manifeste 2023 here and  click for more information on Stop 1 / Divertimento and Stop 3 / Royaumont Foundation.

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Organized in partnership with :
Divertimento Ensemble - IT, Royaumont foundation - FR