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07/2023 impuls – AT

ULYSSES Collaboratory projects provide new perspectives on creative collaboration, testing new methodologies and forms of cooperation tightly linked to specific contexts and audiences, and reflecting on shared responsibility and collective processes.

Collaboratory “KonzeptMusik” is a Special Program with Peter Ablinger offered to composers of the impuls Academy 2023, individual musicians and others. The programme involves the creation of new Concept Pieces by Alberto Anhaus, Shasha Chen, Kristupas Gikas, Kenrick Ho, Ignaz Schick, Jorge Villoslada Durán and Esther Wu, realized by the concept authors together with musicians of the PPCM-Ensemble.

With Peter Ablinger, one of the most high-profile composers is tutoring at the impuls Academy. His artistic work is diverse, encompassing the visual, installations, texts, conceptual, performative and situational works – and of course music, including a lot of music on music. It involves research and statements – philosophical, perceptual-psychological, and also political ones. It questions common topoi, conventions, role attributions. And it focuses on fundamental questions: what is hearing, what is sound, what is music, what is time and space, what is the here and now?

Together with Dimitrios Polisoidis, member of Klangforum Wien and in charge of the PPCM-program (Performance Practice in Contemporary Music) at the Kunstuniversität Graz, Peter Ablinger will lead and coach the Special Program KonzeptMusic at the impuls Academy this year, with the results being presented this July. The concert includes several selected concepts submitted by impuls Academy participants through a Call for Scores for this Special Workshop. The final realisation of the work will result from a balanced collaboration between the PPCM-instrumentalists and the concept authors.


Gregory Chalier flute
Elena Arbonies Jauregui clarinet
Dácil Guerra clarinet
Paquito Ernesto Chiti horn
Filip Novakovic accordion
Ana Ostojić piano
Milica Zakić piano
Eunhye Kim piano
Alyona Pynzenyk violin
Samira Spiegel violin
+ concept authors


31.7.2023 Special Program Collaboratory “KonzeptMusik” at impuls Academy & Festival

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Peter Ablinger

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Organized in partnership with :
Divertimento Ensemble - IT, Ircam - FR, Time of Music - FI