Ulysses for Ukraine


The situation in Ukraine is extremely dramatic and in constant flux. From the interactions we have had up to now with some of the artists mentioned below, the following is a brief overview of the situation. In general, men from the ages of 18 to 60 cannot leave the country. However new disposition exists enabling artists to make temporary trips outside of Ukraine but with an obligation to return. It is difficult to move within the country as there is a deficit of gas and roads are frequently blocked. A number of musicians have moved to Lviv, which is not completely safe. The majority of artists are safe but others live their daily lives between shelters and bombing. Ukrainians escaping the war can stay in Europe without a visa for more or less a year, but most freelancers have no work. Many female musicians and their children have fled to other European countries which breaks up the families. While a good number of musicians can still compose or practice, some lack resources such as scores, computers and other basic means enabling them to pursue their craft.


The Ulysses network has been in touch up to now with the following artists: Zoltan Almashi, Svitlana Azarova, Antonii Baryshevskyi, Oleg Bezborodko, Katarina Gryvul, Maxim Kolomiiets, Anna Korsun, Boris Loginov, Mariana Lysenko, Adrian Mocanu, Andrii Pavlov, Victoria Poleva, Olga Prykgodko, Dmytro Radzetsky, Dmytro Radzetskyi, Viktor Rekalo, Bohdan Sehin, Alexey Shmurak, Lubawa Sydorenko, Alla Zagaykevych, Ivor Zavhorodnii and Orest Zmovsh. (This list will evolve over time).


From the feedback we have received up to now there are many different ways in which the young artists can be helped. Many have expressed the fact that the promotion of Ukrainian music is very important via social media, the organization of concerts, the giving of commissions, having the music performed, residencies, scholarships, access and dissemination of scores, participation in workshops and the sharing of information via websites.


On the Ulysses Network Platform (https://www.ulysses-network.eu) you will find a list of calls, events, donation sites and other activities aimed at supporting Ukrainian musicians.The Ulysses Network provides this information freely but cannot be held responsible in case of problems encountered. In case you would know of relevant initiatives for the site, please inform us via contact@ulysses-network.eu.



The Ulysses Network will be organising on June 7th at 8pm(CEST) an online event via ZOOM. You can attend by clicking here.   The contributions for the event have been selected on the basis of a call and include works and performances by Igor Saienko, Roksolana Kit. Anna Arkushyna, Serhii Vilka, Adrian Mocanu, Dmytro Radzetskyi, Alisa Kobzar, Daniel Getman, Katarina Gryvul and Sofiia Matviienko, as well as an introduction by Albert Saprykin from the Kyiv Contemporary Music Days, who will present KCMD’s foundation for support of the Ukrainian classical music community.