ULYSSES Journeys for composers @ Ultima

09/2018 Ultima - NO




As already in 2017, Ultima hosts again two young composers selected in the framework of the  ULYSSES-Journeys for composers, allowing them to create and to perform new works in the festival.

In 2018, the two composers are :
Marina Poleukhina
Mikolaj Laskowski

In addition  to having their works performed by a Nordic Ensemble and/or performers to be defined soon, the young composers are mentored by profiled musicians and composers during open rehearsals at our Ultima Academy.

ULYSSES Commissions : Liisa Hirsch

ULYSSES Commissions : Bertrand Plé and Zeno Baldi

Masterclass Percussion

ULYSSES Ensemble Tour 2018 - 1st Stop