SACEM is a private entity; it is a non-trading company [“société civile”] directed by authors, composers and publishers. The Board of Directors is elected every year by the Annual General Meeting and is comprised of six authors, six composers, one author/film director and six music publishers. The Executive Board administers Sacem; the CEO of the Executive Board is appointed by the Board of Directors and manages SACEM.

The chief duty for SACEM is

  • to collect payments of authors’ rights and redistribute them to the original authors and composers and the publishers.

SACEM also conducts:

Cultural initiatives and programs :

>to encourage the emergence of new repertoires
>to support live performances
>to help young authors, composers and performing artists be trained to professional standards.

  • Social initiatives helping members who are elderly or are experiencing difficulties, via mutual aid payments.
  • Professional initiatives to promote original work and help the music sector operate more efficiently.




Kunststiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen


Since its establishment in 2000 the Allianz Cultural Foundation supports transnational artistic and educational projects that breathe the spirit of international cooperation. Young artistic talents from all over Europe and the neighbouring countries of the Mediterranean Sea are its target group and, at the same time, the protagonists of its programs.

Together with them the Allianz Cultural Foundation develops projects that permanently promote mutual understanding and awareness. With such initiatives the Foundation seeks to contribute to creating a civil society based on common motives and values.





Associated to the Royaumont foundation, the Honegger Foundation accompanies and supports the creation of new young artists works.





In the field of music the Foundation supports institutions and projects which promote the understanding of new music. It is in addition involved in the preservation and improvement of access to and new discovery of works of all eras and for the imparting of new technical and interpretive knowledge.



Along with commissioned works, concerts and events are also supported, as well as educationally valuable projects that give children and adolescents access to contemporary music. Competitions, academies and workshops where music students and young composers, conductors and instrumentalists can demonstrate their skills, individual academic publications and complete editions also sponsored.





Within the Finnish Government, the Ministry of Education and Culture is responsible for developing educational, science, cultural, sport and youth policies and international cooperation in these fields.  The Minister of Education and Science, Mr. Jukka Gustafsson is responsible for education and science policies and the Minister of Culture and Sport, Mr. Paavo Arhinmäki for cultural, sport and youth policies.








City of Viitasaari






The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) is an expert and service agency for promoting the arts. Taike together with its arts councils and boards awards grants to professional artists and subsidies to communities in the field of the arts.





The Finnish Music Foundation (MES) was founded in 2012 for promoting and supporting Finnish music, both performing and creative.





Arts Council Norway and Oslo City Council




AVL Cultural Foundation



The Caisse des dépôts supports actions that help to popularise the contemporary art music, and particularly the Contemporary music events and actions at the Royaumont Foundation.


ULYSSES Journey for Performers

Conducting Course


Young ensemble in residency - Ensemble Schallfeld

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