Focus on : the next annual ULYSSES Network meeting


THURSDAY 21 NOVEMBER – From 2pm to 4.30pm
Haus der Chöre, Frankfurt *
Free entry
Detailed Program
The Ulysses partners take advantage of the Cresc… festival organized in Frankfurt from the 21st to the 24th of November to meet and get into a discussion  with other professionals of the contemporary music area, approaching especially the benefits of the activities developed by the Ulysses network partners, and presenting the network online community tool.
I – Ulysses project presentation 
• The Ulysses Network  : What is the Ulysses Network? Who are the Network partners? What kind of support can they develop? For who? Followed by a presentation of the themes and actions developed up to now in the Ulysses Network.
• The Ulysses Project website : overview of the different themes developed in the website and presentation of the timeline.
• The Ulysses Platform : what are the objectives of the platform today? Followed by a presentation of the main features and “calls” organized online (past and present).
• Presentation of the future Ulysses Network community tool : what is this community tool? what are the objectives of this tool? For who has it been designed? How? This presentation will include an overview of the Community tool beta version, including some use examples of the Ulysses community tool’s principal functions.


II – Panel discussion 


Open discussion with comments and reactions to the Ulysses project and community tool presentations, with the participation of different professional actors involved in the field of new music and young creation : 

Festival organizers 
Lars Petter Hagen (Composer and director of the Ultima festival in Oslo, NO)
Henk Heuvelmans (Director of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek in Utrecht, NL, and partner of the Ulysses Network)
Roland Diry (Director of the Ensemble Modern, in Frankfurt, DE)
Bettina Danielle Berger (Ensemble Interface)
Vito Zuraj (a young composer supported by the Ulysses Network)
Some lines of approach :
–      What are the advantages and the limits of such a project? How can we think to a possible economic model?
–      Which uses of the Ulysses Network website, and the Ulysses Network community tool for promotion and visibility of festivals, artists and works?
–      Questioning the potential for creating a wider network of professionals and artists
–      And beyond the community tool: what is needed for long term audience building?
Ulysses Platform website :


* Kaiser-Sigmund-Straße 47, 60320 Frankfurt, Deutschland

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