ULYSSES Young Performers – Karin Hellqvist

09/2016 Ultima - NO

Karin Hellqvist puts her violin through its paces in a challenging and innovative new programme, presented during ULTIMA Festival on Tuesday 13 September 5pm at Sentralen, Oslo (NO).

© Ultima/ Andreas Turau


The Oslo based Swedish violinist premiers works of five composers who each test out the limits of this most traditional of instruments :

Marisol Jímenez Yuaríya Valcári (WP)

Evan Johnson Wolke über Bäumen (WP)

Jan Martin Smørdal New work (WP)

Carola Bauckholt Lichtung (WP)

Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri Solo for Violin and Motors (WP)

In collaboration with EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO/ SWR (DE)



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© Karin Hellqvist


The Oslo based Swedish violinist premieres the work of five young composers who each test out the limits of this most traditional of instruments. Marisol Jimenez amplifies a prepared violin in a piece inspired by the rituals of the pre-Columbian Wixárika tribe. A violin with gut strings and Baroque bow is required for Evan Johnson’s piece, a fragmentary and elusive complex of canons chasing after the ghosts of the Baroque Passacaglia. Jan Martin Smørdal places the soloist at the centre of eight loudspeakers representing a group of people to explore the relationship of the individual with the mass. Carola Bauckholt’s evocation of a natural glade includes sampled birdsong mimicked by the violin. Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri’s Solo for Violin and Motors is a continuous stream of sound generated by the performer’s interactions with small electric devices.



Conducting Course 2019


IEMA Composition Seminar 2019

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