ULYSSES Performer Journeys @ Ultima

09/2019 Ultima - NO

In 2018, Ultima (NOR) hosts again several young composers and performers, supported by the ULYSSES Network in the framework of their ULYSSES Journeys, allowing them to create and to perform new works in the festival.


In this context, Oliver Thurley, winner of the 2018 Kranichsteiner prize in Darmstadt, unveils his new quartet piece, Interloper, premiered by Menschenstoff, a young Swiss improvising quartet, supported by the ULYSSES Network.


The project is collaborative, and questions traditional composer-performer relationships. There are no scores, but rather a pool of fragments, ideas, sounds and techniques that Menschenstoff have developed with Thurley. This is a musical space in which boundaries fuse, juxtapose and react: interlopers breaking into one another’s territory.

© Andreas Bühler



Hyazintha Andrej, cello
Rahel Schweizer, harp
Florian Kolb, percussion
Robert Meyer, electronics


The World Premiere of the piece is scheduled for September 19 at 5 pm at Sentralen, Oslo (NOR).



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