ULYSSES Journeys for Performers, Composers and one Conductor @ impuls

02/2019 impuls – AT

In the framework of the ULYSSES Journeys 2019 impuls hosts 7 young artists at its Academy and Festival in 2019.

Between 10th and 22nd February, they will be involved in various activities, getting valuable input by the high-quality tutors present at impuls, exchange with the many other participants coming from more than 55 nations and 4 continents … and, last but not least, will be presenting themselves also at various occasions at the impuls Festival. Just to give an example: Yalda Zamani will work with and conduct Bernhard Gander, Lauri Supponen will amongst others be engaged in the special Extended Percussion Composition, Michael Taplin in the special Composers meet Accordionists, … and of course also the musicians will be involved in various projects, presentations and concerts during impuls.


Participating young artists:

Yalda Zamani (conductor, Iran/Germany, 1985)

Lauri Supponen (composer, Finland, 1988)

Michael Taplin (composer, UK, 1991)

Felix Del Tredici (trombone, Canada, 1990)

Sophia Goidinger-Koch (violin, Austria, 1987)

Jonathan Heilbron (double bass, Austria, 1990)

Joe Mumm (trombone, USA/Germany, 1989)

Peng-Hui Wang (bassoon, Taiwain/Germany, 1990)


© Arnold Haber

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