ULYSSES Composer Journeys @ Gaudeamus – Ensemble Slagwerk Den Haag

09/2018 Gaudeamus – NL


In the framework of the ULYSSES Journeys for composers the young Turkish composer Utku Asurogluis has been invited to come to Gaudeamus Muziekweek in Utrecht (NL) and work with the festival’s ensemble-in-residence Slagwerk Den Haag (Percussion Group The Hague).

Several other young composers join in this workshop to really get close to the musicians of this creative ensemble and discuss how to make a new work together.


After the workshop the new works are performed during the festival:

Thursday 6th September  and Friday 7th September 2018 at TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht (NL).


This Event is part of the ULYSSES Days @ Gaudeamus.


© Gerrit Schreurs

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