InSitu/City: Oslo – Friction

09/2021 Ultima - NO

Ultima invites 2-3 local artists with a diverse cultural and artistic background to work together with a mentor (most likely a composer) to make an interdisciplinary work.

The topic “friction” is the starting point and focus throughout the project. The project aims to address relevant social and political issues of Oslo, raise awareness of challenges and possibilities relating to diversity and inclusion, and allow new voices to be heard within the field of contemporary music.

◦ Spring 2021: phase 1
Mentor and artists meet for the first workshop and to explore Oslo and the topic “friction”

◦ Autumn 2021: phase 2
Mentor and artists work together for 10-15 days to finalize the project.

Their cooperation results in a work to be presented at the Ultima festival: 16.09 – 25.09 2021

Organized in partnership with HfMT- DE, impuls - AT, Ircam - FR, Mixtur - ES, Warsaw Autumn - PL



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