IEMA – Ensemble in Residency

02/2019 impuls – AT

In 2019 impuls hosts the IEMA-Ensemble 2018/19 as one of the Ensembles in Residency at the impuls Academy and the impuls Festival.

The residency from 10th to 15th February does not only come along with a call for score organised by impuls to interconnect the ensemble with young composer participants of the impuls Academy, build up repertoire for the specific constellations and have composer and interpreter work together, but also with reading-sessions, tutoring, rehearsals and performances both of the existing ensemble and through the involvement of all IEMA-musicians in various other Academy and Festival formations.

The ensemble is accompanied by two musicians of Ensemble Modern, Saar Berger and Johannes Schwarz, who are by themselves also involved in several further activities at impuls through tutoring, specific lectures and presentations.

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Participating musicians:

Saar Berger (horn) and Johannes Schwarz (bassoon)  from Ensemble Modern

and the IEMA  musicians:

Justine Ehrensperger (flute)

Melanie Jessica Rothman (oboe)

Sergi Bayarri Sancho (clarinet)

Ronan Whittern (bassoon)

Ona Ramos Tintó (horn)

Emmanuelle Fleurot-Vassieu (piano)

Martin Pérénom (piano)

Vera Seedorf (percussion)

Mishi Stern (violin)

Robin Kirklar (viola)

Nathan Watts (cello)

Dominique Chabot (double bass)

Musashi Baba (conductor)

Elnaz Seyedi Kourayim (composer)




13 February 2019, 8pm

IEMA-Ensemble 2018/19 in Concert

KUG . MUMUTH, György-Ligeti-Saal, Lichtenfelsgasse 14, 8010 Graz

Performing following works:

Witold Lutosławski: Slides (1988)

Rebecca Saunders: Into the Blue (1996)

George Benjamin: Octet (1978)

Bernhard Gander: schlechtecharakterstücke (2009)

Francesco Filidei: I funerali dell’ anarchico Serantini – versione per sei esecutori (2005-06)

John Zorn: Cobra (1984)



The IEMA-Ensemble 2018/19-musicians and IEMA-composer also participate in various other concerts and presentations, as for example:


14 February 2019, 10am

Bassoon playing techniques in contemporary music

Presentation workshop especially for bassoonists, woodwinds and composers

Florentinersaal, Graz

Johannes Schwarz, member of ensemble modern and tutoring at the impuls Academy for the first time, presents certain possibilities, techniques and problems that are repeatedly encountered in the field of new music with the instrument bassoon. These include i.a. quarter tones, glissandi, multiphonics, but also microphoning and playing techniques in relation with amplification as well as possibilities of notations, including both positive and negative examples. Special playing techniques are also presented along specific compositions by Berio, Poppe, Billone, Wesselmann, Holliger and many more.


15 February 2019, 10am

Digital soundlibrary for instruments

Lecture followed by a discussion by Johannes Schwarz

Florentinersaal, Graz

Bassoonist Johannes Schwarz is a member of ensemble modern tutoring at the impuls Academy for the first time. Schwarz will explain the subject exemplarily on the basis of the instrument bassoon, for which he has created a comprehensive sound archive in recent years to be expanded by many more instruments in the future. More than 25.000 sounds have already been recorded with bassoon, which can be found on the platform since 2018 including related information for viewing and retrieving via live streaming. The platform thus represents an invaluable compilation of all possible sounds that can be produced by a specific instrument.

The approximately 40-minute lecture is based on the following points and questions and will lead to an open discussion about:

– the several steps that lead from an audio collection to a digital soundlibrary
– the first attempts to create a digital sound archive
– easy ways to create a sound archive for yourself
– how does the current digital soundlibrary for bassoon work? who can use it?
– general discussion on the functions of an archive in the artistic field, discussion of content, utility for a specific clientele, meaning and nonsense, etc.


Reading-sessions with IEMA-Ensemble 2018/19

February 14th, 10.00-14.00
February 15th, 10.00-15.00

MUMUTH, 3rd floor, Graz

Selected composers:
Rachel Beja, Simone Cardini, Emre Eröz, Joan Gómez Alemany, Hugo Gómez-Chao Porta, Jinwook Jung, Shervin Mirzeinali, Amin Rafieifar, Idin Samimi Mofakham


organized in partnership with IEMA - DE

ULYSSES Journey for Performers

Conducting Course


Young ensemble in residency - Ensemble Schallfeld

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