Discontinuity. Workshop with Michael Maierhof

07/2018 IMD – DE



Under the title “Discontinuity”, composer Michael Maierhof leads a two-week workshop for participants of the Darmstadt Summer Course 2018 welcoming a broad range of various approaches / strategies: works with or without sound, compositions, installations, approaches that address the performance situation itself, music in spaces, the creation of site-specific acoustical and visual spaces, exhibitions of music.


Discussions shall serve the purpose of highlighting the concert’s as well as the presentation traditions’ dispositifs, finding presentation forms adequate for certain spaces and debating the basic aesthetical implications of the respective musical form as well as the related presentation form.

The workshop, including a final concert-installation on 26th July 2018 to be staged by the participants, is open for musicians / artists / composers who – working in the field of music / installation / performance media – take pleasure in the current inhomogeneous realities and who could adopt the social fractures as a topic.



Michael Maierhof (*1956 in Fulda (DE)) is one of the most interesting and inspiring artists who experiments with complex and found footage sounds – sounds that he often creates out of the „real“ sound world. He is thinking and working in different, each other completing contexts: with concrete/acoustic and electronic sounds, with „exteritorial“ material or with special prepared instruments.


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Photo © Daniel Pufe



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