Dante Project Quartetto Prometeo

San Fedele – IT

Credits : Ribalta Luce / Studio




Musical journey in 11 stations on the Divine Comedy

-> The 15th of October, 20:30

A world Premiere organized at the San Fedele Auditorium (Milan)

Within the context of the San Fedele Academy described at this page, you will have the pleasure to discover a music dramatization of the Divine Comedy for string quartet written by the Finalists of the San Fedele Prize Milan, coming from Europe and Venezuela. Dante-Project is the result of 15 months of composers’ work-shop as a team starting from a common Idea of representation of the Divine Comedy in the form of itinerancy (eleven stations), thinking about the cognitive journey of Dante through the drama of human freedom. The aim wasn’t the transposition of the countless riches of the “holistic” work of Dante, in fact, were chosen only certain elements characteristic of the three canticles, musically and symbolically significant: the static nature of Hell, the Beatitudes of the Purgatory and the light of Paradise. The performance  Dante-Project will be made a DVD version by director Francis Leprino.

INFERNO, descent 20’

Vito Zuraj (1979)

Introitus “erranza e smarrimento”

Antonin Servière (1977)

Studio I sulla staticità

Carlo Ciceri (1980)

Studio II sulla staticità


PURGATORIO, ascent and beatitudes 20’

Franco Venturini (1977)

Beati pauperes spiritu

Aurélien Dumont (1980)

Beati pacifici

Mirtru Escalona (1976)

Beati qui sitiunt iustitiam

Antonio Covello (1985)

Beati mundo corde


PARADISO, canto e tre studi sulla luce 20’

Roberto Vetrano (1982)

“Il dolce canto”

Vittorio Montalti (1984)

Studio sulla luce I

Evis Sammoutis (1979)

Studio sulla luce II

Pasquale Corrado (1979)

Studio sulla luce III

Organized in partnership with Ircam - FR

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