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In 2014 the ULYSSES Network project “Composition beyond Music” continues in different European locations. The two last work sessions occurred in April and this month in Darmstadt (DE) and in Utrecht  (NL), still conducted by Peter Ablinger.

This project by no means excludes “music”, but above all is an opportunity to reflect on presentation forms for acoustic works, for sound compositions that go beyond the classic concert setup. This is a course for young artists representing different disciplines, who work together in creating installations or performances at different locations in public spaces.

Field recordings, site-specific compositions and installations, the presentation of sounds, sound production as a social pattern, the essentials of sound and music, music without sounds, technology and research into source material, the body in music, archaeoacoustics, sound and other media, perception and reality – these are just some of the potential themes to be explored, elaborated, and presented by the participants in their own works in this workshop series that combines theory and practice. The direction and focus of each workshop is ultimately be determined by the individual concepts and ideas of the participants and also depends on the available venues, galleries, and performance possibilities.

In preparation of the final workshop in August 2014 organized during the the 47th International Summer Course for New Music,  Peter Ablinger met selected young artists from 23rd to 25th April in Darmstadt and from 8th to 10th May in Utrecht to train them and guide them in the process of making site specific works.

At this occasion, they had the possibility to visit different places in the cities of Darmstadt and Utrecht to prepare their future site-specific works.


Work session in Darmstadt (April 2014), workshop participants – Credits : Elena Rykova



Work session in Darmstadt (April 2014), a young artist with Peter Ablinger – Credits : Elena Rykova




Work session in Utrecht, at the Botanic Gardens (May 2014) – Credits : Henk Heuvelmans



Work session in Utrecht, at the Botanic Gardens (May 2014) – Credits : Henk Heuvelmans


More photos of these two works sessions are on our Facebook page!

Next and final step for this project is planned in August 2014 during the 47th International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt (DE) with a workshop on new works using sound, in situ. It will lead to public presentations, installations and performances.

Find more information about the project here.

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