Young ensemble in residency – IEMA: World premieres Composition Seminar

09/2017 Gaudeamus – NL


The IEMA-Ensemble will be a partner of Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2017.

During the Festival in Utrecht, the ensemble performs the World Premieres of the Composers Seminar 2017.

The working steps are as follows: in spring 2017 all composers come for 3 days together to Frankfurt for first try-outs for their new pieces, getting acquainted to the IEMA-Ensemble.

After finishing their pieces the main rehearsals should be in the beginning of August and beginning of September. The premiere of the pieces will take place during the festival Gaudeamus Muziekweek on 8 September 2017 in Utrecht, the Netherlands; reruns in Frankfurt and Karlsruhe in the midth/end of September.

The rehearsals and the concerts will be guided by the very experienced conductor Lucas Vis and the young IEMA conductor Yalda Zamani.

New pieces by: Yukiko Watanabe (1983, Japan) and Utku Azuroglu (1986, Turkey) as well as 2 composers who take part in the ULYSSES Journeys for composers:

Genevieve Murphy (1988, U.K.) and Maya Verlaak (1990, Belgium).


© Barbara Fahle/ IEMA


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