Young ensemble in residency – Ensemble Schallfeld

02/2017 impuls – AT


Ensemble Schallfeld, is the Ensemble in Residency at impuls 2017.

The ensemble benefits from all general offers the impuls Academy and impuls Festival holds, but impuls also set up a special call for score amongst its Academy participants already back in May 2016 for pieces to be written and handed in especially for the ensemble (hereby enlarging the ensemble´s repertoire and interconnecting it with young composers from all over the world – amongst them Eiko Tsukamoto, one of the ULYSSES journey composers, who will write a new piece for them as well).


The ensemble is guided through the selection process and also given support for the rehearsal process and actual realization. Besides presenting a selection of new pieces by the impuls Academy participants at the impuls Festival Ensemble Schallfeld also includes a piece of Agostino di Scipio, who works on site with the ensemble as well.

After the concert at the impuls Festival, which presents both, the young musicians and composers to a broader audience, Schallfeld will continue with giving feedback to all composers who handed in their pieces for the ensemble and work with some of the ones who have not been selected for the concert in the framework of additional reading-sessions.


Schedule and programme:

February 11th-17th, 2017: main rehearsal period at KUG, Graz

Concert: 17.2.2017, 20.00, MUMUTH, Ligeti-Saal, Graz

Agostino di Scipio Texture-Multiple (1993-2005), version for piano, vibraphone, flute, clarinet, saxophone, violin, cello, double bass and electronics

Raphaël Cendo Graphein (2014)

Agostino Di Scipio Texture-Multiple, for 3 to 6 instruments and live electronics, 1993-2005 (version for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, vibraphone and live electronics)

as well works by young composers of the impuls Academy 2017:

Eiko Tsukamoto Avec les œufs (2016/2017, Worldpremiere)

Joan Gómez Alemany La religión del Sonido, 2016, world premiere

Sylvain Marty Lithuanian rotation, 2016



Feedback + Reading Sessions for impuls Academy participants: 18.2.2017 :

Gianni Bozzola

Hakki Cengiz Eren

Misakii Goto



© Wolfgang Silveri

Ensemble Schallfeld

Elisa Azzara flute

Szilárd Benes clarinet

Matej Bunderla saxophone

Lorenzo Derinni violin

Myriam García Fidalgo cello

Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka double bass

Maria Flavia Cerrato piano

Manuel Alcaraz Clemente percussion

Elena Kakaliagou horn

NN harp

Leonhard Garms conductor



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Young ensemble in residency – Ensemble Schallfeld

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