Workshop for performers: The contemporary piano

12/2018 Royaumont foundation – FR


This workshop with Nicolas Hodges is intended for instrumentalists wishing to pursue study of contemporary instrumental techniques, learn how to handle and approach special scores, how to work with composers, preparations….
From 10 to 15 December 2018 at Royaumont Foundation.


Practice facilities will be available for the participants whenever the sessions are not taking place.


The selected students bring at least one work out of each of the following categories :
# Works written in the pasts 5 years by a composer under 40, born or living in the same country as the pianist
# Works by a composer not born or living in the same country as the pianist
# Works of the post-1945 avant-garde by Berio, Boulez, Cage, Carter, Feldman, Kagel, Stockhausen etc.


The five selected participants are :

Michiko Saiki
Daniele Fasani  *
Fernando Palomeque
Yu-Ting Mabel Huang
Miharu Ogura


*Performer selected in the framework of the ULYSSES-Journeys.



In partnership with the Médiathèque musicale Mahler

Further information here.


Nicolas Hodge © Philippe Gontier



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