ULYSSES Network Partners Meeting

02/2018 OPUS XXI / HfMT – DE


ON 14th and 15th February 2018 the ULYSSES Network partner institutions gather for a Mid-Term-Meeting in Hamburg (DE).

Hosted by OPUS XXI/HfMT Hamburg this meeting is the occasion to prepare the next interim report of the network and to discuss current and upcoming activities for the year 2018 and beyond.


On the evening of 14th February the parnters have the great chance to attend a concert at the Elbphilharmonie with Beat Furrer as special guest.





organized in partnership with Divertimento Ensemble - ITEPCC - EEFlagey - BEGaudeamus - NLIEMA - DEIMD - DEimpuls - ATIrcam - FRRoyaumont foundation - FRSnape Maltings - UKTime of Music - FIUltima - NO

ULYSSES Commissions : Liisa Hirsch

ULYSSES Commissions : Bertrand Plé and Zeno Baldi

Masterclass Percussion

ULYSSES Ensemble Tour 2018 - 1st Stop