ULYSSES Ensemble Tour 2018 – Royaumont Foundation

07/2018 Royaumont foundation – FR


ULYSSES Ensemble Tour 2018 – Stop 4 – Royaumont Foundation
15th to 20th July 2018
Abbaye de Royaumont (FR)


In the framework of the ULYSSES Network, Fondation Royaumont in collaboration with four other partners  (IEMA, Gaudeamus, Divertimento Ensemble, Ircam), offers young high-level performers the opportunity to take part in a musical journey: each partner suggests a specific repertoire to the selected musicians, that is rehearsed and performed on site.



. Mauro Lanza, Number Nine, for ensemble (2010)

. Marco Momi, Almost nowhen (new version) (2018) WORLD PREMIERE

. Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh, new work for ensemble (2018) WORLD PREMIERE

. Philippe Leroux, (d)Tourner, for solo percussion and 10 instruments (2016/2017)


Conductor : Gregory Vajda


Further information here.

organized in partnership with Divertimento Ensemble - ITGaudeamus - NLIEMA - DEIrcam - FR

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