ULYSSES composers’ journey to ManiFeste-2019: Chamber Music/ Electronics with Ensemble Nikel

06/2019 Ircam – FR

Young composers’ Journey stop to ManiFeste-2019, the academy:
Chamber Music and Electronics with Ensemble Nikel
June 17—29, 2019 at IRCAM


IRCAM’s multidisciplinary festival and academy, ManiFeste, the rendezvous for creation in Paris, places music in disciplines beyond the concert: theatre, dance, digital arts, visual arts. Between 120 and 140 young composers and performers from the world over take part in the academy every year, benefitting from a major artistic and technological setting as well as the presence of a large public audience for final performances.

IRCAM offers selected young composers a two-week period during which they have a series of composition classes on mixed music, instrumental classes given by musicians, one-on-one meetings with the composer leading the workshop, Enno Poppe and the academy’s guest composers, and work sessions on their sketches with musicians from Ensemble Nikel (Yaron Deutsch electric guitar, Patrick Stadler saxophones, Brian Archinal percussion, Antoine Françoise piano).
They also have individual meetings with IRCAM’s computer music designers to fine-tune the electronic part of their work.


© Ensemble Nikel


At the end of this two-week session, some of the young composers are selected to complete their score (5-10 minutes) during the 2019-2020 year.
These selected composers will return in 2020, from June 15—27, to rehearse and present their works in concert during the ManiFeste-2020 academy.


Giulia Lorusso and Jacques Zafra participate to this workshop in the framework of the ULYSSES Journeys for Composers 2019.

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