Ulysses Composers at Ultima

09/2017 Ultima - NO


In 2017, Ultima (NOR) hosts several young composers as well as performers, supported by the ULYSSES Network in the framework of their ULYSSES Journeys, allowing them to create and to perform new works in the festival.

The works  by

Miyoko Yokoyama (JP)


Diego Ramos Rodriguez (ES)

are premiered on 16th September 2017 at SALT in Oslo.


Besides being selected as one of the ULYSSES composers, Diego Ramos Rodriguez also takes part in this concert as violin player in the Améi Quartet, performing his own new work amongst others.

Another promising performer, selected by the ULYSSES Network and participating to the concert is Joshua Hyde (AUS), performing with his duo for saxophone and percussion called scapegoat, works by Mauricio Pauly, Michelle Lou and Pierluigi Billone.

In addition to the concert on 16th September the ULYSSES composers and performances have the chance to take part in the Ultima Academy and the Ultima Children’s Day.

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