Trio Accanto – Workshop with composers and instrumentalists

02/2017 impuls – AT


After Time of Music in summer 2016 also impuls is hosting Trio Accanto, one of the most prestigious chamber music formations dedicated to contemporary music. The trio has premiered more than 70 works and now offers the rare chance to participants of impuls 2017 to work with them (both composers and instrumentalists are addressed for this program).

As first step impuls was calling for scores amongst the composer participants of the impuls Academy 2017. From the pieces handed in Trio Accanto selects compositions to both work on and perform itself, but also to be studied and presented by instrumentalists participating in the Academy.


Workshop with impuls instrumentalists and composers:

Main preparation period: February 12th-19th, 2017, KUG, Graz

Concert with impuls Academy instrumentalists: February 19th, 2017, KUG, Graz

20.-21.2.: reflection and feedback period


Concert Trio Accanto:

February 16th, 2017, 20.00, MUMUTH, Ligeti-Saal, Graz (concert in cooperation with open music)

Mark André durch (2004/2005)

Stefan Prins Mirror Box (Flesh + Prothesis #3) (2014)

as well as works by impuls Academy participants 2017:

Vasiliki Legaki Avoidance, 2016, world premiere

Misakii Goto Shedding, 2016, world premiere


More information available here.


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