Remake @ Ultima

09/2018 Ultima - NO

Ultima Remake is based on the simple idea of taking a work of music and enabling young teenage students to re-create the work using easily accessible technologies. It is an outreach project for high schools that raises awareness for the role of art in society. The students are introduced to one or a few specific works, which could relate to the festival program of the year, and will explore how the social, political and aesthetic context of the work relates to their own experiences and artistic understanding. This reflective process is the starting point for the creation of audiovisual installations and performances that combine new technologies and low-tech material.


This year’s Ultima Remake project is a collaboration with pupils from the Elvebakken high school. Over three weeks, students have been working creatively with ideas around migration and specifically Savina Yannatou’s Wandering Stories, and have created an installation exhibited during the Festival. More information here!


© Henrik Beck

organized in partnership with Flagey - BEIrcam - FR

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