Peter Tscherkassky’s trilogy : Commissions to young composers

10/2018 Ircam – FR


This project was initiated in 2017 by impuls within the frame of the ULYSSES-Network.


The young composers Ariadna Alsina and Javier Elipe Gimeno are commissioned by IRCAM to develop new compositions to the experimental films «  Dream work » and «  Outer space » of the Austrian filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky from his CinemaScope Trilogy, for which he also received multiple awards.
impuls 2017 provided the starting point for the project, and interconnected the composers not only with the filmmaker, but also members of Ensemble Nikel as future interpreters as well as coaches such as Wolfgang Mitterer and Jorge Sánchez-Chiong to accompany the process of creation.

In Autumn 2018, IRCAM  presents the two pieces and the films in collaboration with the Modern Art National Museum of the Centre Pompidou.


Ariadna Alsina, music for « Dream work » by Peter Tscherkassky
Javier Elipe Gimeno, music for « Outer space » by Peter Tscherkassky

Ensemble Nikel
Computer music designer : Carlo Laurenzi


© Deborah Lopatin/ Ircam


organized in partnership with Flagey - BEGaudeamus - NLIMD - DEimpuls - AT

ULYSSES Commissions : Liisa Hirsch

ULYSSES Commissions : Bertrand Plé and Zeno Baldi

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