Peter Tscherkassky’s CinemaScope Trilogy + commissions to young composers @ IMD

07/2018 IMD – DE


Peter Tscherkassky’s Trilogy @ IMD

In the framework of a network-wide project, that started in 2017 already, and that connects the Cinemascope Trilogy by Austrian avant-garde filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky’s with new compositions by young composers featured in the ULYSSES Network program, IMD is following up in July 2018 with several world premieres during the Darmstadt Summer Course.


Four ULYSSES Network partners have commissioned two new works each for the Israeli-Swiss Ensemble Nikel:

IMD commissions: Clara Iannotta, Simon Løffler

IRCAM commissions: Javier Elipe Gimeno, Ariadna Alsina

Gaudeamus commissions: Boris Bezemer, Mikołaj Laskowski

impuls commissions: Mirela Ivičević, Julien Malaussena



Austrian filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky is one of the internationally leading figures in avant-garde film. His works are shown and honored worldwide and – due to their formal and narrative complexity and density amongst other things – are a rewarding challenge both for composers to get involved with and audiences to experience them again and again.



The impuls academy and festival in 2017 opened the three-year project with a symposium addressing the topic of film and music in general. On this occasion, all composers involved also met Peter Tscherkassky, got to know his films and his working process, and discussed correlations of sound and the visual.


For two films of Peter Tscherkassky’s Cinemascope TrilogyOuter Space and Dreamwork – IMD has commissioned new compositions for Ensemble Nikel by composers Clara Iannotta (I) and Simon Løffler (DK).

For the shortest film of the trilogy, the 2-minute L’Arrivée,  2 electronic miniatures are selected to be publically presented following a special call.

All these pieces are presented for the first time on 20th July 2018 in Darmstadt at Centralstation in 2 public concerts, the premieres of the other partner commissions will follow.


©  IMD / Kristof Lemp


Ensemble Nikel:

Yaron Deutsch: e-guitar

Patrick Stadler: saxophones

Brian Archinal: percussion

Antoine Françoise: piano


Further information here.

organized in partnership with Gaudeamus - NLimpuls - ATIrcam - FR

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