Conducting Masterclass 2017 @ Royaumont Foundation

03/2017 Royaumont foundation – FR


CONDUCTING MASTERCLASS 2017 : Le Marteau sans Maître by Pierre Boulez and Messages of the late R.V. Troussova by György Kurtag


The Peter Eötvös Foundation in Budapest (HUN) and the Royaumont Foundation (FR) offer a unique conducting masterclass, under the direction of conductors Peter Eötvös and Jean-Philippe Wurtz.

This training offers 12 young conductors to improve themselves in the practice of contemporary repertoire, through the study of two emblematic works of this repertoire:

Le Marteau sans Maître – Pierre Boulez and Messages of the late R.V. Troussova by György Kurtág. The work of Boulez, with its incredible technical difficulties, has been the source of a genuine new school of conducting, engineered by Boulez.

Kurtág’s piece is no less difficult, and calls upon conductors a huge effort in structuring the score: they will have here the great opportunity of working with the composer during a preparatory phase in Budapest.

Thanks to the partnership with the Peter Eötvös Foundation, 6 students will study the Boulez piece in Royaumont with Ensemble Linea while 6 students will study the Kurtág piece with Hungarian ensemble UMZE.

After this preliminary phase, the 2 pieces will be rehearsed and presented to the public in Royaumont, on the 9th of April.


The selected participating composers are:

Jack Sheen (Grande-Bretagne) *
Arash Yazdani (Iran)*
Su-Han Yang (Taïwan)**
Petr Popelka (République tchèque)**
William Cole (Grande-Bretagne)*
Antonin Rey (France)**
Andreas Luca Beraldo (Allemagne)*
Taepyeong Kwak (Corée du sud)*
Sandor Karolyi (Autriche)**
Remi Durupt (France)**
Georgios Balatsinos (Grèce)**
Yalda Zamani (Iran) *


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Deadline for applications:



Masterclass and Concert:

from March 31 to 9 April, 2017

Public presentation: 9th April 2017









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