Young Composer Residency @ Snape Maltings, the home of Aldeburgh Music

03/2017 Snape Maltings – UK


In the framework of the ULYSSES Journey, Snape Maltings, the home of Aldeburgh Music (UK), is offering a residency Kaj Duncan David, a Danish composer and performer making music with computers, electronics, instruments, lights and video.


From 1st to 15th March 2017 Kaj will be using the Dovecote Studio at Snape Maltings to begin work on a commission from Ensemble Mosaik, which is a 20 minute music theatre piece for quartet (fl, ob, sax, el pno), solo voice and light and video, for a festival in Berlin (DE) next autumn.


During his residency, Kaj has the opportunity to work with a mentor of his choice. Corresponding to Kaj’s request, Larry Goves has been confirmed as mentor for this residency.


© Kaj Duncan David

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