Collaboratory Workshop

02/2017 impuls – AT


Collaboratory is an 11-day intensive workshop for creative composer-performer-sound artists coached by Stefan Prins, which has the following foci:


1.) developing of your own work-in-progress (composition/installation/performance/…) through:
– process of dialogue with and feedback from all participants in daily presentations and group discussions, moderated by Stefan Prins

– one-on-one sessions with Stefan Prins

– experimentation at the Gallery Space ESC


2.) preparing a performance/presentation/installation of your work-in-progress at a final event at ESC, and participating in the work of your colleagues where necessary and possible


3.) collaboratively developing and curating an overall dramaturgy/concept for the final event, in which all works are presented/performed.

The projects ideally explore/use/include „other” media/performance practices/presentation formats and make optimal use of the space, location and technical possibilities of the Gallery Space (see below for information and fotos on ESC.)


4.) Collaboration is a crucial element of this workshop: the selected artists not only share one space and equipement, but they also share thoughts, energy, inspiration. This also has social and political dimensions. In a world in which the most important issues are more and more unfolding on a global scale (ecological threats, economical models, …), collaboration is of crucial importance to be able to tackle those issues succesfully. Though this is not obligatory, it is encouraged that the proposed projects thematize the concept of collaboration in some way.


© Stefan Prins


February 11th-19th, 2017

Public presentation of results February 19th (TBC) at ESC medien kunst labor, Graz (AT).


Selected participants for this program:

Aaron Butler + Romain Chaumont + Léo Collin + Athena Corcoran-Tadd + Emilio Guim + Genevieve Murphy + Timothy Page + Samuel Penderbayne + Diego Ramos Rodríguez + Timm Roller + Carlo Siega + Julia Siffert


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